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6 Ways to Help your Business Videos get seen

Why are your business videos a bust?

As a video producer who strives to make quality video content to help clients make more money, grow their business and elevate their brand – do you know what my number one problem is in this business?  Clients uploading their videos to YouTube or FB themselves, getting three plays and wondering why they saw no results in their business.  And the worst part is…

They think their video was a total waste of money.

The problem wasn’t the video itself, but unfortunately this is how the client interprets the problem.

Some key factors that matter when uploading business videos include:

  • Titling that works as effective SEO in organic searches
  • Titling that competes with your competition (research required)
  • Informative and engaging description
  • Relevant hashtags and keywords
  • Intentionally designed thumbnail
  • It's not the only video on your YouTube channel (another conversation for later)

Check out this article “8 Things to Know Before You Publish to YouTube” from Later for a more extensive list!

For a limited time, we will offer business video distribution for free with our monthly content packages!

We want to get our feet wet with helping our clients get their videos out there that will actually benefit their business, so we are entering a TRIAL period of providing this service on a case by case basis to our clients for free. You even have the opportunity to lock us in to manage your social accounts (as pertaining to video) for the next 12 months at no additional cost, if you book your next project with us in January or February 2023!