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The goal isn’t to go viral, your goal is to stay connected

Business owners are getting distracted

The struggle is real.  Running a business, providing top notch service to your customers, running newsletters and ads for marketing and staying current on social media – because social media after all has essentially replaced the original purpose of a website to bring in customers (does this sound shocking? Welcome to running a business in 2023!)


Many of our clients when discussing social media content – videos or photos – emphasize they aren’t getting the traction they wished they would, that they aren’t getting enough plays on their videos – and they just wish something of theirs could go viral to get more followers!  But is that really the problem? The goal isn’t to go viral…

The goal is to just show up.

Social media is meant to be… social! It’s for connection, communication, sharing emotions, educating, entertainment, spreading positivity into the world, and so on! It’s not a formula to hack for business – in fact, IG and FB are “smart” enough not to be fooled by any trickery. 


Does IG favor accounts who post stories regularly? Yes. Does IG favor photo carousels over single photos? Yes. Does IG boost posts that have engagement? Yep! But it’s not IG you are trying to fool with following these tips, it’s people… and people can spot an ad from a mile away and they don’t like being sold to. And so you’re back to square one.


So instead of trying to sell them something – dig deep, find your why (why are you in the business you are in, what is your passion), and focus on relating to your audience.


If you are looking for help with your social content creation, reach out to us!  We create video and photo assets, as well as help you create campaigns and copy to connect with your audience on a regular basis.


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