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Southern Light Cinema Owner

Meet Kaye! Kaye is Jon’s wife and also owner of Southern Light Cinema.

Kaye is the creative in the business.  She does concept development, pre-production, shooting and editing.  She is most often the one directing the shoot, as well as main director of photography and editor.


Kaye finds joy in working with business owners to help them succeed, but even more so, she enjoys making people look great on camera and creating videos that are visually beautiful.  One of the things she loves most about shooting is creating beautiful light (or finding beautiful natural light) in every scene.

With extensive background in producing wedding films, as well as teaching wedding videographers how to get better at their craft, Kaye enjoys producing documentary, story driven films.  For businesses, this translates into brand videos, company stories, about videos and story driven testimonial films.

When she’s not working, Kaye spends most of her time with the kiddos who are currently 4 years and 19 months old.  She is also a photographer for her brand Portraits By Kaye, and really enjoys when her two businesses collide allowing her to offer both photo and video to her clients.


If you want to drop her a line to say hello, please feel free to do so! You might not get an instant response… unless you offer free babysitting, then she’ll reply instantly!

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