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Southern Light Cinema Owner

Meet Jonathan Snyder! Jon is one of the owners at Southern Light Cinema!

Jon is a gem when it comes to high level vision and strategies for businesses. He’s actually quite over qualified for what he does here at SLC, but shh… don’t tell him! We would not be in business without him!


Jon is more than our sales guy, he is a video strategy machine! Jon enjoys learning about businesses and instantly sees holes in where they can improve their marketing strategy, specifically pertaining to video content and gaining exposure.


Jon is wildly creative as well, not so much in running the cameras or editing (doesn’t interest him), but in overall visions for our productions, as well as strategies on how to grow your business. He has spoken at several conferences to teach videographers and creative business owners how to sell their services, and has only rave reviews from those he has helped.


He loves relationships and pouring into people one on one. In fact, he has many spontaneous meetings where he is able to give business owners free advice or high level business assessments to help them reach their goals.

If you want to run into him, you’ll likely see him at Roam at Trilith during the week! And if you see him drinking coffee past 3pm, tell him his wife said that’s not a great idea. 😜

Always feel free to introduce yourself to him! He often sports the Southern Light Cinema jacket and welcomes new introductions. He is a guy you will want to have in your circle of peers!