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Frequently asked questions

Sometimes you have questions! We have answers.

Hiring a video production company can be overwhelming, and dare we say it… not fun for some. We want to make this easy for you to make your decision, so here are some common questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an answer.

Despite what many people think, asking your budget range isn’t a tactic to charge you the maximum price.

Your budget tells us what level of production you require. If Coca-Cola came to us for a project with a $5500 budget, we know right off the bat this is a smaller-sized gig with a smaller crew. If they came to us with a $100k budget, we know it’s time to bring all hands-on deck, secure our most talented team, and create a Super Bowl caliber commercial.

In short, yes. But this implies you’ll have another editor creating videos for you. We would prefer you use us!


Handing over our footage means we are giving you the power to create an infinite number of versions, cuts, and variations of your video with another editor. To make up our potential lost profits for additional edits, it is standard practice in this industry to charge our clients a fee when surrendering the final footage.

We use a variety of cameras depending on the location/needs for the shots, including: Canon C70’s, Canon C300, Black Magic Ursa, Red Komodo, and Arri Amira.  For drone work, we use the DJI Inspire 2.

For  those who don’t know much about cameras, these are beautiful 4k and 6k cinema cameras.

We will give an honest estimate of what can be accomplished within the budget parameters for smaller businesses. We will always have production quality in mind and never recommend something that we wouldn’t be proud to deliver.

Yes, we offer special pricing for monthly video content creation. These are built as a package to help you get the best output for the price. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Imagine having someone on your staff consistently delivering the perfect introduction, the perfect sales pitch, even showing off the product you are selling every day, all day. A professionally produced video can do that and more.

Our priority is our relationship with our clients. Our goal is to serve you and meet your needs for your next video project. We offer quick production turnaround and are located on the south side of Atlanta with easy access to the entire metro area.

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