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FREE four-week interactive workshop to discover who, where, and how to market your business

This is a $10k value.  C-Suite and/or business owners must attend all meetings.  What will you receive?
  • (4) Two-hour long facilitated branding workshops over the course of a month
  • A visual roadmap to your brand/marketing strategy
  • Insight for every business decision you make (from company culture and hiring, all the way to social media)
  • Insight on ways to pivot your products/services to match your customer needs
  • How to spend your marketing dollars


Friends, we want to be honest with you.  We know that video production alone can not solve your marketing problems… let me rephrase that, video production can not fix your branding problems.  Let’s take a step back so you know where this is coming from.


The traditional relationship of a video production company to the client is generally… an order taker.  Client says they need “XYZ” video.  We say check.  They say, “we also need this, that and the other”.  Check, check, check.  We produce, we deliver… and then, from our end of things, we cross our fingers.  Sometimes the videos perform great, but sometimes they don’t.


But why? What happened?  Isn’t video touted to be the most powerful tool in marketing?  Why didn’t your video generate results?

We have never been truly satisfied with being just “order takers”.  The drive to dive into becoming brand strategiests grew stronger than we could ignore.  But everyone and their brother offers “brand strategy”, so what makes us different?


We don’t talk about logos.  We don’t talk about colors. We don’t even tell you how to should be doing things. We expose the blind spots of your business, messaging and marketing that is costing you big. 


Set up a discover call with us today to see if you qualify for the free brand facilitation workshops!