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Meet the Team

We are a down-to-earth people who value honesty, integrity, and respect.

You see the bigger picture, and so do we

No matter what you specialize in, we're wiling to bet your company is striving to change the world for the better. You serve your clients with exceptional service, you give employees growth opportunities, and you believe your product makes the world a better place. Your values and message will be correctly portrayed in the video we produce for you.


Script Writing

Story Boarding

Location Scouting





Brand Videos
Product Videos
Drone Video
Testimony Videos
Facebook Ads
Master Classes


Video Editing
Color Correction
Sound Design
Motion Graphics
Color Grading
Voice Overs
Text Animation
Special Effects

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

– Dorothy Parker

To put it simply, Jon is the mind and Kaye is the eye. 


While Jon focuses on client relationships, video strategy, and wild commercial ideas and concepts, Kaye thrives in bringing those ideas out of the air and onto paper.  She is heavily involved in preproduction as well as on set, bringing your vision to life. 

Jon Snyder

Owner, Video Strategist

Kaye Snyder

Owner | Creative Director

BTS SLC Video shoot

Our Secret Sauce.

Every video production company is different, so here is what makes us different than the other guys (or gals).

Searching for Story

With all that you and your company does, you have your "why." Without this key concept, it's fair to argue there is no story to be told. We will help you identify your "why."

Staying on Brand

Before concept development and script writing, we will learn more about your brand, competitors, and pain points. From this information, we are able to get into the heart and passion of your company. Our goal is that we get your video to feel on point with your brand.

Team Collaboration

Our diverse and experienced videography team works together, with you, throughout the production process to provide a compelling, high-quality story worth telling.


Some Atlanta friends we've made while working together.

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