Concept & development

you may know you have a need for video or that you have a story to tell, but you don’t know what that looks like as a final product.  during this phase, we will brainstorm with you, develop ideas and an over all plan to to execute the vision.


pre-production is one of the most important phases of your video shoot. it includes script writing, location scouting, scheduling, assigning teams, setting up interviews, planning logistics and more.  this is just about as crucial as the actual day of filming.

filming & editing

this is where your idea comes to life!  after the concept and development and pre-production, now we can create the content.  filming interviews, b-roll, real time events, as well as formatting, mastering and color grading in editing, all happens in this phase.

drone coverage

stunning drone footage, captured during the right time of day, can add stunning cinematic elements to your video.  not only will it help tell your story by setting the scene or location, it will also add a major production value to your final video.